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1974-1978 Mustang Parts

For close to a decade, American consumers had come to know the Mustang for its power and the Mustangs performance parts and with almost each new Mustang Ford increased the performance, but in the 1974 Ford Mustang Detroit took a different approach. Instead of the usual, increasing engine size, they downsized it.

1974 ford mustang The 1974 - 1978 Mustang was now completely redesigned and better known as the Mustang II. The 1974 Mustang was available in either a 2.3L inline four cylinder engine or a 2.8L V-6. Neither mustang engine was extremely powerful, only pushing out 88 hp and 105 hp respectively. To the dismay of many American Mustang enthusiasts, the powerful V-8 engine was no longer an option with this new mustang, and the convertible model was now a thing of the past. In addition to a smaller engine, the Mustang itself was more compact. In comparison to the 1973 Mustang, the new Mustang II was 19 inches shorter and 490 pounds lighter. Bottom line, this Mustang was a completely different breed of Mustang. However, consumers loved the new design and the Mustang II was a big hit among American automobile consumers. Ford Motor Company sold close to 386,000 1974 Mustangs within the first year of production. Ford Mustang had not seen such large sales since the introduction of the 1964 Mustang in April of ‘64.